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Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Alcohol Gifts For Occasion |

Appropriate alcohol for some occasions

Wine and alcohol drinks are always present in most occasion. People enjoy the night while having a glass of wine or alcoholic drinks while chatting with their friends. This always happen especially when you’re going in the bars or lounging places. Teens usually do this for a reason that if when they drink they are confident in doing things they wanted to do, they can act freely and talk with confidence with others pals. Alcohol is present when something must be call for a celebration. It only depends in some situation and the venue where it takes place. But you should be aware of what kind of alcohol you’re going to drink so that you will not get easily sober and put in shame after a party elsewhere. So to help you out of the different types of alcohol you’re going to drink or offer to your guests in different occasions here are the lists you can choose:

When it’s your birthdays, aside from cake and other pastries, you can offer your guests some cocktail drinks for ladies like the known margaritas. You will enjoy the cheers with this kind of drinks and surely your special day would be your awesome day ever.


Your graduation day in college resembles your adulthood which gives you freedom to take a shot for successful studies in tertiary years in school. You may drink a scotch of wine. Teens are fond of group gathering so the drinks you’re going to offer them are cans of beer. They will surely enjoy the talk about your memories of the past. You can also enjoy with your family members with gifts for sister and brother.

And about the wedding which is the special day of two people you can offer a lot wines and whiskeys. There are a lot of occasions you can celebrate and drink alcohol. These events mentioned are just one of the social events that offer a lot alcohol drinks. Drinking alcohol is not bad anyway. But be aware and always keep in mind that sober drinking is bad for your health especially if you’re going to do this as a habit. And some instance you can still control your addiction towards alcohol if you’re going to engage yourself in some activities that soothe yourself and enjoy your life instead of being an alcoholic.


When you celebrate a special occasion it is better if you’re going to offer more foods in the table than wine or beers. You serve them with much of soft drinks or juices that can somehow prevent your guests of taking attention of some hard alcohol that makes them sober and mess the whole party. But if in case your guests are looking for alcohol, you may provide them appropriate alcohol that’s only good for the occasions.

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