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Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Clothing |

Urban Clothing for Men is the Irresistible Fashion

Urban clothing for men offers urbanites with a great fashion sense the chance to flaunt their own personal fashion style. The urban gent is not only concerned with looking good but also to make a statement. The clothes you wear tell a story of who you are and what you represent. Urban clothing for men comes in all kinds of design that range from the conformist to the avant-garde, giving a guy perfect choices to flaunt his style. The contemporary design of urban fashion for men are meant to create a unique and irresistible fashion style as well as make a personal statement. The clothes a man wear is a reflection of his attitude towards life and everything else.

graphic design tee

Urban Summer Fashion Look for Men

Urban fashion has been popularized by celebrities, especially by hip hop performers. Men who want to look elegant but unique and different choose urban clothing for men. This clothing style for men is now a marketing niche whose popularity and acceptance continues to grow. When it first came to light, it was, for the most part, ignored and even rejected by some for its seeming to be too un-conformist and not suitable for city streets. Over the years however, designer and manufacturers of urban clothing for men went middle-of-the-road and at present introduce what is considered very unique fashion designs for men such as customized t shirt.

Urban clothing for guys includes a wide variety of clothes in vivid and exciting colors such as green, red, blue, black, khaki and denim. Urban clothes that match perfectly with other color designs are black, denim and khaki. Your color choices should be guided by your own personal preference and also the color of your skin tone.

Fabrics for urban fashion style include denim, cotton or rayon. Again, your choice of fabric should be guided by your personal preference. Other factors to consider in your choice of fabric would be comfort, durability and washing requirement – the ease and convenience in keeping it clean.

Accessories are also important in men’s fashion such as sunglasses.Men’s sunglasses trends for 2017 may still be dictated pretty much by what the stars are wearing whether on the singing stage or in the movies or on television. Back in the 1980s Ray Ban sunglasses had lost its cache so it approached a company and paid it to get an agreement that the movies and television shows would have the stars wearing their products which is called product placement. From 1982 to 1987 sixty movies and television shows featured this brand a year. This brand recognition has continued through today.

Oversized sunglasses for Men 2011

Retro sunglasses are back in style for 2011. So those wayfarers are back in style and worn by many male stars. It’s interesting that this brand updated its product because back in 1952 when it was introduced they would not stay on top of the head if they were pushed up there. And imitations of this style are out in force.

Of course the aviator style is still also hot especially the retro double bridged aviator frames. These in style aviator sunglasses are slick and functional and often borderless or semi-borderless. Today styles are more eco friendly. Many of the stylish sunglasses for today are made from tough plastics that can withstand every day wear. Men’s in style sunglasses do not vary in style as much as women’s sunglasses do. And of course the male celebrities still dictate the 2011 sunglass fashion style. Some of the colors for men’s sunglass frames are fake horn, gunmetal grey and other dark colored frames.

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