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Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Floor Coating |

Epoxy as Your Special Coatings Used on Floorings

Special coatings used on floorings are layered coatings over the floors. It is actually an inexpensive way of turning a simple looking concrete floor slab into a very appealing surface. These special coatings make the flooring beautiful. It’s why many want these installed in residential and commercial applications. They come in many different colours and metallic designs. They can turn a dry, boring grey floor into something really attractive.

You can try epoxy floor coatings as great new twists for coatings. It’s unusually admired for its artistic qualities. For many years, these have been used on concrete floors of many commercial centres including hotels, factories, retail stores and other commercial buildings due to its adhesion, hardness and resistance. Epoxies can stand out better than any other types of covering. They are more water resistant than acrylics and stay better on concretes than urethanes.

floor coating

Epoxy as special coatings used on floorings is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Epoxy floor paint is more resistant to fuel, oil and other abrasive spills as compared to garage floor paints. They are engineered to provide abrasion, chemical resistance, and superior impact. Today these are more technologically advanced to suit flexibility, stability and quicker cure times.

For most homeowners who wish to make their home appealing, decorative epoxy coatings make a wonderful choice. However, you need to consider important factors when installing these decorative flooring. Learn the basics so you know which ones and how these are installed. The special coatings on the floors should be appropriate to what are required. Ensure that the flooring will complement the furnishings of your home. You need to know the different types of coatings used on floorings and how to install them properly.

If epoxy flooring is your choice, provide fine sand to make it not slippery. It is an ideal choice for those with small kids and seniors within the household. If this is not your choice, you can select an epoxy variety and have it infused with your chosen colours. These types of special coatings are best for any parts of your house, be it the garage, basements, family rooms, and playrooms.

When you install these special coatings for your flooring, you need a good surface preparation through a mechanical abrasion such as shot blasting and grinding. You need to install properly the coatings for a nice texture and appealing factor. You may choose to do it yourself if you know the techniques for installation. If you have no knowledge about it, you can hire a professional that can provide an aesthetic appeal.

To find a professional, work with those who can provide the materials for special coatings used on floorings. It saves time, effort and money when they can provide the materials and do the installation. Ensure that they know what they are doing for the best results possible. Usually the contractor provides a warranty for back jobs. Also work with a contract so you have an edge in cases of complaints.

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