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Posted by on Sep 3, 2017 in Mirror Accessories | 59 comments

Should I Brush My Teeth in the Shower?

It May looks to be an excellent time-saving idea in addition to a means of using less water, but is it OK to kill two birds with one stone and brush your teeth at the shower?
Anecdotal evidence indicates you may enjoy cleaning your teeth more In the shower and so take longer on it, that is ultimately better to the oral hygiene. Also, you avoid the aggravation of getting toothpaste onto your laundry or needing to wash the minty dribble off your chin. And naturally, it is always great to have something productive to do while you are attempting to wash the conditioner out of your hair. So what could be the issue?
Well, you are likely showering in hot water harboring bacteria. Additionally, your shower head could be infected with goodness knows what, particularly if it is a plastic mind, which can be more vulnerable to microbes. Shop mirrors & mirror accessories in Melbourne , you can visit You do not understand exactly what the different members of your family do in the toilet (and why should you? That is their company) but it is prudent to be cautious, so if you truly wish to brush your teeth in the shower then you need to probably provide the shower head a fast clean first.

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Be regarded as a plus, nevertheless, dentists recommend that you don’t wash out your mouth promptly after cleaning and intention to use toothpaste at another time of day, a minimum of 30 minutes after cleansing, to allow the fluoride in toothpaste do its materials.
Nothing related to the clinic itself, but what happens on a toothbrush after — making your toothbrush in a moist environment such as a shower means that it’s not likely to dry completely until its second use, which enables bacteria to flourish and develop, causing one to become sick from having a toothbrush that is filthy! Be sure to keep it in a dry area with good air flow (so not a cabinet) and retain it as far away from the bathroom as you can just in case someone forgets to shut the lid before flushing.
You May Find the notion icky, but the possibility of cleaning your teeth From the shower can change your life so far as regular morning productivity goes. As much as we understand, nobody has died from brushing Their teeth in the shower, so really it is your decision.

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