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Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Office Refurbishment |

Different Kinds Of Elevators That Companies Manufacture

In the olden days, people used to know about only two types of elevators – passenger elevators and freight elevators. While passenger lifts used to transport people to different floors, freight elevators used to transport heavy duty materials to different floors. Now, with the advancement of technology and with the customer friendly services that elevator companies are offering of late, there are many kinds of elevators today. Some of the basic and secondary types of elevators that are in use today are explained herewith.


 There are four main types of elevators. They are passenger, freight, double decker and wheelchair lifts. The first one is the most common among all these types. Let us see the categories below:

 Passenger lifts

As the name indicates, they are used to transport people to different floors. The average weight of passenger lifts varies between 450 and 2700 kg . There are various sub-categories in them like the following:

  • Bed elevators –

These are commonly found in hospitals. These elevators are used to transport patients in beds or stretchers. The speed of these elevators is quite slow and they are more spacious than the normal passenger lifts.

  • Service elevator –

These are elevators that are used by the staff members of the elevator company for doing all kinds of services and checks. These service lifts are used by staff members who travel to all floors and do their periodic checks. These are slightly bigger than passenger elevators and move at a slightly lower speed than them. You can check for more information on service lifts in Australia if you are residing in Australia.

  • Glass elevators –

These are the swanky types that you see in malls or famous tourist attractions. These lifts are beautiful and give a panoramic view of the buildings and scenery outside the building.

  • Residential elevators –

 These are found in the residential areas and are of many types like home lifts. Grilled-gates, doors, metal doors etc. are some of the basic designs of these lifts. They are equipped with emergency help/alarm button, lights, emergency phones etc. for the safety of residents of all age groups.

 Freight Lifts

These lifts are those that are used to carry heavy duty items , machinery and all other things except passengers. By their nature, they are quite sturdy, spacious and costlier to install when it compared to passenger lifts. Based on the size of goods that they carry, they are classified into the following two types:

  • Dumbwaiters –

These are the elevators that are used in all kinds of commercial establishment and used to carry small tools and machinery from one floor to another.

  • Vehicle elevators –

As understood from the name, these are huge lifts that are used to carry vehicles like cars from one place to another within the same building. There is a whole deal of detailing and technical specifications that go into designing these kinds of lifts.