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Posted by on Sep 5, 2015 in Office Refurbishment |

Things You Must Know Upon Office Refurbishment

Refurbishing your office is not as easy of a task as it sounds. A great deal of expenses is expected, so if you’re planning to have your office refurbished, you should be able to carry out careful general planning of the new setting and careful budgeting should be done meticulously. There are many reasons for refurbishing but mostly it is because of expansion of the company. An increase of number of employees would definitely call for a bigger space to occupy them. It is very important to take into consideration renovation and expansion of your office even before renting an office space.

 Though not in need of such space now, sooner or later, your business should grow and you would need a space for the expansion to take place. This is not an easy task to decide on alone. As this concerns the company, officials should take part of the decision-making process to make sure that they are all in agreement before partaking in this expansion. Refurbishing your office not only involves officials in your company but this would also involve the landlord of the establishment.

Ask for their permission before anything else. Normally, expansion of the office would mean an increase in value, so your landlord would definitely approve of this office refurbishing as soon as possible to increase his earnings from your rent. Some would often help financially for this refurbishing since it would also benefit them. Aside from the expected increase in lease for the expansion, cost is another significant issue to tackle with office refurbishing. New tables, new chairs, purchase and installation of new furniture and equipment, communication devices like intercoms and telephones, additional electrical installations, new insurance cost, fees covering the permit of the renovation for lawyers and everyone involved in the transaction, office supplies like papers and pens, lights and power supply, water supply, air conditioning system, heating system, ventilation systems, and security systems should all be considered.

 There are business loans which have zero interest which should help you with your financial needs regarding this problem. Of course, while renovation is going on, it is important that office work should also be ongoing for those unaffected by the refurbishing. Make sure renovation is being done without disrupting other employees while at work minimally as possible, but of course without compromising the renovation being done. There is going to be heavy movement of equipment and furniture and there is going to be some change that would be affecting the old office spaces that would surely cause disturbing, but closing the whole office down while renovation is going on is not good for the company; thus, business must go on. So, office refurbishment is crucial we all know but if you are still in doubt and not sure how to start your refurbishment work then talk to Australian office refurbishment brand Multi Build, who are the offering an end-to-end office refurbishment service in Sydney. They also offer various other services which includes Sound Masking and Office Redesign.

Being in a business, expansion is an important part to consider. This means gains for the company so this should be taken into consideration even from the start of the business. Though not every business would undergo this change, this should not be eliminated in the future plans of your company. After all, it’s business as usual.